The Bologna Institute for Policy Research | Seminar Series Event | Domenico-Marco-Minniti-LItalia-ed-il-Terrorismo-Come-Cambia-la-Politica-di-Sicurezza-Nazionale-nel-Contesto-Europeo
February 1, 2016 - 11:30 Auditorium - Organized by SAIS Europe Student Government, in partnership with the Associazione di cultura e di studio italo-americana Luciano Finelli Friends of the Johns Hopkins University

L'Italia ed il Terrorismo: Come Cambia la Politica di Sicurezza Nazionale nel Contesto Europeo
Domenico Marco Minniti, Sottosegretario di Stato alla Presidenza del Consiglio, Autorità Delegata per la Sicurezza della Repubblica Italiana


In Italian with simultaneous translation in English

Domenico Marco Minniti is Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Delegated Authority for the Security of the Italian Republic.

On behalf of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, he is responsible for safeguarding national security from threats originating either abroad or within Italy's borders, and for protecting Italy's political, military, economic, scientific and industrial interests.

Minniti chairs the Steering Committee of the Agencies (DIS, AISE, AISI) that collect relevant intelligence, counters espionage and other hostile activities, counter WMD proliferation, counter subversion, criminal and terrorist activity in Italy.

Minniti holds a degree in Philosophy and began his career in his native Calabria. He has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies in the XIV, XV and XVI legislatures. In the XVII legislature Minniti was elected Senator for the Calabrian constituency for the Partito Democratico, a party in which he has held leading positions in the past, including that of "shadow minister" for the Interior and National Supervisor for the Monitoring of the Implementation of the Monti Government Program.

He was Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in the first D'Alema government, Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with a mandate for Intelligence and Security in the second D'Alema government, Coordinator of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Reconstruction in the Balkans during the Kosovo crisis, Undersecretary of Defense in the Amato government, Vice Minister of Interior in the second Prodi government, and Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Minister–Delegated Authority for Security of the Republic in the Letta government.

For further information on the Security and Intelligence Agencies of the Italian Republic see:


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