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Raffaella A. Del Sarto

focuses on the nexus between international relations and domestic politics in the Middle East, often in relation to the European Union, questions of borders and interdependence, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Johns Hopkins SAIS Faculty Profile

Mark Gilbert

is a political historian. He writes on the contemporary history of Western European democracies and European integration, with a particular focus on Italy and the UK.

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Nina Hall

is currently researching how international advocacy is changing in the digital era. Her areas of expertise include international organizations, transnational advocacy, global refugee and migration governance, and climate change adaptation.

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John L. Harper

examines the history of American foreign policy in different periods of time, from its early origins to the Cold War period. His expertise includes Western Europe, Italy and the Transatlantic relationship.

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Erik Jones

writes extensively about European monetary integration, financial institutions and macroeconomic governance. He is active in public debates about the European response to the global economic and financial crisis.

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Erika Meucci

is a mathematician interested in quantum physics, in particular in the space of quantum states, and in geometric group theory.

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Michael G. Plummer

is a leading expert on trans-Pacific economic relationships and on Asian economic development. His research centers on international economic integration and cooperation.

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Filippo Taddei

concentrates on the connection between the financial sector and the real economy. His work has contributed to the debate regarding the design of macro-prudential regulation.

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