Marcus Walsh-Führing
Associate Fellow


Geographic Areas
Latin America

European Union and Transatlantic Relations
International Political Economy
Political Economy


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Background and Education
Marcus Walsh-Führing will obtain his PhD in Political Science from the University of Bremen (expected 2019). His doctoral dissertation at the University of Bremen, Self-Regulation and Taxation in the Brazilian State, 1960-2010: Complexity and Challenges, provides a historical account and analysis on the interdependency between tax policy, state-owned enterprises, and regulatory policy in Brazil. Marcus' research interests focus on revenue collection, corporate governance, and regulatory autonomy.

Other Publications
His recent publications include "The Brazilian Federal Government’s Role in the Prioritization of EU Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and its Environmental Agenda," in Brazilian Political Science Review (2018) and "Policy Creation to Policy Management: Transformation of the Brazilian National Government as a 'Gatekeeper'," in Razón Crítica (2018). Marcus has published numerous reviews in: The Journal of Common Market Studies, Capital & Class, International Affairs, and International Studies Review.